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published: JUL.2003
price: 4800yen
size: 230 by 310

*Contents are written in Japanese.

A Collection of Photographs of the World Ballet Festival, 1976-2000

Preface by Masashi Miura
Retracting the World Ballet Festival by Tadatsugu Sasaki
Messages to the World Ballet Festival from Dancers
Vladimir Vasiliev & Ekaterina Maximova
Eva Evdokimova, Fernando Bujones, Dominique Khalfouni,
Monique Loudières, Alessandra Ferri, Manuel Legris,
Vladimir Malakhov

Highlights of the World Ballet Festival 1976-2000

The 1st Festival 1976, The 2nd Festival 1979, The 3rd Festival 1982
The 4th Festival 1985, The 5th Festival 1988, The 6th Festival 1991
The 7th Festival 1994, The 8th Festival 1997, The 9th Festival 2000

Curtain Calls & Offstage
Brief Reports on the World Ballet Festival
Performance List of the World Ballet Festival 1976-2000
List of Photographs

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